C.A.B. and I recently enjoyed a wonderful date at Chic Fil A; part of their Mother & Son Date Night Series.  To participate in this event one has to complete a reservation on-line.  They had a medieval theme; the tables were decorated with table cloths, stuffed cows, and carnations.  Once we arrived; there was a cash register that had a reservations sign on top of it.

C.A.B. escorted us over to the hostess at the register where we were asked our names and he proudly told her. He was so excited he immediately began ordering our food. I was so proud; momma’s baby taking charge.  She took our order and then led us to our table. C.A.B. helped me with my coat; while we waited for our food to arrive at the table. It was so cute.  I was happy with just that, but then they had a person come around to take pictures to catch the moment which would be later emailed.

Every Chic Fil A Date Night is different, but they all share the same theme. I was told by a friend that the one she and her sons went to offered a limousine ride.  This is a great idea; however, in the past it seems to have been offered twice a year.

They also feature a Daddy & Daughter Date Night as well. I’m not sure when this event takes place.  I will post the next time it is available so everyone can experience. What a great way to expose your children to date night etiquette.