Since the weather has been bad this week C.A.B. and I decided to go checkout the LEGO movie.  C.A.B. was so excited about our adventure for the day.  He watched a variety of Lego movies on NetFlix in preparation for our movie outing.  When we arrived to the theater it was filled with eager little movie goers.  The movie is built around construction worker Emmet and his Master Builder team which includes Batman, Vitruvius, Unikitty and Wildstyle, just to name a few.  The Master Builder Team fights President Business to restore free form building and creativity back in the land.  The animation was great!  Even the slap stick humor and gags were hilarious to me.  The movie had a few good themes for children and adults to talk about after the movie . One theme, without giving the movie away, was the importance of being an individual; embrace what is special about you.  All of the children including C.A.B. enjoyed the new hit song featured in the movie; “Everything is Awesome”. We both left the movie singing the song. I am still singing it as I blog.  Lol!
Lego had a few slow moments and I wasn’t sure if it would keep C.A.B.’s attention but he didn’t seem to mind.  This was a great snow day activity and it tied in with what C.A.B. is focusing on in school this month which is buildings and construction. 
Our movie adventure ended with food, of course.  We went to McDonalds and to our surprise they had a  LEGO cup as the featured toy in the Happy Meal.  C.A.B. kept saying mommy; this is what we just saw at the movies.  This was definitely a win win in my book!