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This morning C.A.B. asked me if we could go see the dinosaurs.  I said, “dinosaurs?” and he responded “Roar! Please mommy, can we go to the museum”? Puzzled, I remembered  Calliou went to see the dinosaurs. Calliou is a cartoon about a 4 yr old on the Sprout channel.  So I roared back. I guess mommy and C.A.B. will go on an adventure to see the dinosaurs at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History (10th St & Constitution Ave NW  Wash DC)after school today.

Front of Natural History Museum

Once we arrived at the museum C.A.B. was in awe at the giant African elephant in the lobby. It is so lifelike; see picture below. Next off to the dinosaur hall; all I could hear was wow, there so big. Mom look at all the bones! What kind of animal is that? I had a great time explaining to him that the Woolly mammoth is the cousin(ancestor) to the Elephant in the lobby.    He was amazed that they had little dinosaurs and big dinosaurs like the T. Rex; it is 38 feet long and weighs 7 tons. They even have a fossil lab where you see paleontologist working on fossils.

There is an area called Q?rius Jr  Discovery Room where children can examine rocks with a microscope, or look at items with a magnifying glass or binoculars.  It also have a clothing section where children can play dress up.  Also they have  coloring and stamping tables where they can create their own masterpieces and that is where C.A.B. spent the rest of his time after he examined a rock or two.

The Dinosaurs Exhibit will be closing April 28, 2014 for a 5 year renovation.   This is a must see exhibit so definitely add it to your To Do List and visit!