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Today’s adventure takes us to the DCFD on 8th Street SE, Washington DC.  If you have a junior firefighter like I do; they love fire trucks, fire fighters, fire stations, and anything related to fighting fires.  C.A.B. is such a junior firefighter that he has chosen to dress up as a fireman two Halloweens in a row.  We walked up and rang the doorbell; I wasn’t sure how it worked if we needed an appointment or could we just show up because all of the doors were closed. The fireman who answered the door told us to come on in and went and got a fireman hat for C.A.B.; he then proceeded to give us the grand tour. The firehouse had a sign above the kitchen door that reads The Firehouse Café. It was so cute. C.A.B. got to talk to the cook that day and he told C.A.B. what he planned to cook that night for dinner.  C.A.B. got to see two fire trucks one that is regular size and then the larger truck with the ladder on it. He kept saying mommy it is huge! I bet they put out a lot of fires with this one. He got to look inside of the fire trucks and the fireman even gave him a demonstration on how to use oxygen masks. C.A.B. was so excited.  He also saw the pole inbetween the trucks and asked its purpose? The fireman went upstairs and slid down the pole so C.A.B. could see a demonstration.

The firefighters were so friendly and polite. They answered all his questions and believe he had a lot. They even explained how the different lights on the door; told them what emergency vehicle was being requested (ambulance,small fire engine, or etc).  The highlight of the visit was when they received a call that utilized the big fire truck with the ladder. He got to see them actually use the lights and siren on the truck. They all waved good bye to him; he was so excited!!! What a perfect way to end his visit.

Today’s adventure was perfect.

8th Street Fire Station