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The Adventures of C.A.B. travels to The National Museum of the American Indian – ImagiNATIONS activity center. C.A.B. wanted to go in this museum because of the shape of the building.  It was different looking from the traditional museums  on the mall and he liked the sculptures out front.  I was a little worried that the museum would be a little too old for him and wouldn’t keep his interest; boy was I wrong.  On the third floor of the museum they have an interactive playroom called ImagiNations so that’s where C.A.B. and I headed.


 ImagiNations draws you in; it has an interactive board out front that allows children to answer questions and they have passports available for you to take to stamp at each of the play areas inside.  The first area we went to was arts and crafts and C.A.B. and I made an Andean pendent; that C.A.B. proudly displayed the rest of the day. Next, we went to the listening station to hear the sounds of the wetlands and then we tried to balance ourselves in a canoe.   They also had igloo building,  a reading center with books and puzzles to enjoy, and a display of various houses that American Indians lived in around the country.  C.A.B.’s favorite part of ImagiNations was the interactive skateboard. He got up there and was able to simulate skateboarding in a skateboard park. He kept saying, “ma did you see my moves”?  The staff was extremely helpful; they guided us along every area and showed C.A.B. how to use the interactive skateboard.

interactive boardwetlands sounds

 I would recommend going during the week or like we did late Friday afternoon and chances are you might have the place to yourself; we did!!!  They also have an Our Universes section in the museum with its various storytelling stations on monitors and night sky display that gives it a calming feeling. They even had little seating areas for you to sit and enjoy the various stories being told.

interactive skateboard

 I would definitely recommend going to the ImagiNations activity center within the National Museum of the American Indian.  It is free and educational! You can’t beat that!