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The Adventures of C.A.B. attends a campfire at the Cosca Park in Clinton, MD. The campfire was sponsored by PG County Parks and Recreation; it is $3 for PG county residents and $4 for non-residents. The next one will be at Watkins Park in Largo, Maryland on April 14th from 10 – 11:30 am. The details for the campfire stated enjoy an afternoon nature program while roasting marshmallows. Roasting sticks and marshmallows will be provided.  You could also bring your own hotdogs. I thought this would be a good idea because we have never been to a campfire in the woods and it was a perfect day about 68 degrees and during the day. I am not ready to be in the woods at night yet. Lol!  When we arrived to Cosca Park it was huge; I have never been there before. It had tennis courts, playgrounds, and camp grounds.  I got lost looking for the campfire. I pulled over twice before I found it; when I did I was pleasantly surprised. It was in the same area as the free nature center that houses snakes, turtles, a small indoor pond, a butterfly garden, and birds outside.

 The Park Naturalist that hosted the campfire did a good job of engaging the families. We introduced ourselves, told rules of the campfire, and played a name game to see who could remember everyone’s name,no easy feat, there were 6 families there. He built the campfire and all the boys were eager to hand him pre-cut wood. Once the fire was going; we were given roasting sticks to put the marshmallows on and told to begin roasting.  Side note, the roasting sticks do extend; I didn’t know that at first. I had to stand so close I was almost in the fire. Lol! C.A.B. was done after the first round of marshmallow roasting because his got burnt and the smoke was blowing in our direction because of the wind. He did not want to do another round, but enjoyed watching the others. After the roasting; the Park Naturalist brought a turtle out and started asking questions to see how much the children knew about turtles. He also gave us some interesting facts such as how to tell a male from a female. He let the children touch the turtle. Afterwards we went exploring the nature center.  

 If your child loves the outdoors this is definitely a must do event for you.