Today’s adventure takes us to see Mr. Peabody and Sherman.  I didn’t know what to expect off of the reviews and trailers I have seen; However, C.A.B. saw the trailers and wanted to see it.  When I asked him what he wanted to do on this rainy day he said movies to see the dog movie!! That summed it up we are off to the movies. Mr. Peabody and Sherman is a movie about a brilliant dog and his adopted son Sherman who travels back in history with the WABAC machine and meet with some of the greats of their times.  I remember seeing reruns of the original Mr. Peabody and Sherman cartoon as a child.  Mr. Peabody and Sherman starts off with Mr.Peabody  introducing himself to us from his luxurious penthouse. They travel to France and narrowly escape the French Revolution;  C.A.B. was captivated. He was cracking up not having any idea this was based loosely on history.  Hey, We are off to a great start!

 Mr.Peabody and Sherman Poster

Next, Sherman goes to school and deals with jealousy, peer pressure, and bullying. Penny, a classmate, who was used to being the smartest was getting a run for her money by Sherman. Penny and Sherman get into an altercation and parents are called. Mr.Peabody decides to call Penny’s parents over for a sit down to try and resolve the children’s issues. Penny comes over and Sherman lets it slip about the WABAC machine because Penny asks him how does he know so much about history. He shows it to her and she pressures him to use it. She gets stuck in Ancient Egypt.  This was a great segway for me to talk to C.A.B. about bullying,  jealousy, and peer pressure on the way home.   Sherman comes back to present day to get Mr. Peabody to save Penny and the adventure begins; they go back to Ancient Egypt where Penny is set to marry  a young King Tut, visit Troy and Sherman is a soldier inside the  Trojan Horse, and the Italian Renaissance, where they help Leonardo Da Vinci put a smile on Mona Lisa’s face .  Once they save Penny and come back to present day; they realize they created a cosmic rift with past and present Peabody and Sherman being in the same time. Due to the cosmic rift all of the characters they have visited in the past come to present day and start to destroy the city as they pass through the time warp. The movie ends with  Mr. Peabody and Sherman saving the city and the whole time C.A.B. and I are cracking up at the jokes.  C.A.B. was paying close attention to the movie the whole time; he was quiet except for his laughing at the jokes.

 Mr. Peabody and Sherman Pinball machine

Finally to his delight we headed to McDonald’s which is featuring Mr. Peabody and Sherman toys with the happy meal. He has collected the WABAC machine and a Mr. Peabody pinball machine. I will definitely be buying this on DVD when it comes out. We thoroughly enjoyed it. This was a perfect rainy day activity.