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Lions, Tigers, & Orangutans…oh my!  The Adventures of C.A.B. goes on a field trip to The National Zoo.  C.A.B. and I have been to the zoo to explore and see ZooLights (a must in December), but never on a field trip with his peers. He was so excited. He couldn’t wait to ride on a bus and sing the wheels on the bus go round and round. He also wanted some of momma’s fried chicken for lunch and I had to oblige; he had been telling his teacher all week that momma was going to fry some chicken.
Zoo Sign
When we got to the zoo his teacher handed us the Daily Programs; who knew.  The Daily Programs is a guide that tells you about what is happening on a particular day and time.  For example, animal training, feeding demonstrations, and keeper talks. 
This is a must have; you can get a copy here.  We had seven options to choose from, but lets just say we only made two. 
We checked out Orangutan Crossing which was great. We got to watch the Orangutan walk across the rope over top of us.  C.A.B. said, “wow, look mommy! How come he isn’t going to fall?”  I told him that was what he is trained to do. He said, “wow, I want to do that”; I said, “no time soon”!
To get to Orangutan Crossing we had to go through the ape house. C.A.B. and his classmates all yelled whew stinky! What is that smell? He did not want to go in; it was very ripe.
O line

Lemur feeding was next.  We almost missed it but we were able to see them in clean up and play mode. The kids were so excited to see them shoot across the glass cage. They weren’t shy at all and they sure were fast.  We also saw the alligators outside and then went inside to see them as well. We saw the zebras, lions, tigers, and elephants. The kids were so excited to see the lions and tigers. They were roaring all over the place.
LionZoo animalsThe perfect way to end the trip lunch. The zoo has numerous areas to eat and just take a break. We also played ring  around the rosey near the picnic area. It had soft top to get rid of any extra energy they may have had. Momma had to play too; ashes ashes we all fall down.  After all that walking it was nap time. The zoo is a lot of walking and tired us all out, but it was a lot of fun. 
The zoo is a great place to explore, learn, & burn energy.