“All of the birds of a feather do what they love most of all.  We are the best at rhythm and laughter.  That’s why we love Carnival.”
 You guessed it; The Adventures of C.A.B. went to see Rio 2.   I was just as excited as C.A.B.; I loved Part I.  In preparation for Part II  C.A.B. and I watched Part I all week.  

Rio 2 Poster 
Part II starts off with Linda and Tulio deep in the Amazon releasing a bird but while there they make a discovery that there are more blue macaws. Blue and Jewel are in a Rio with three of their children; a lot has happened since part I.  Jewel is worried that her baby birds are too humanized eating pancakes and listening to IPods; when they see Linda and Tulio on TV announcing the discovery of more macaws.  Jewel tells Blue lets go.  Blue  goes and tells the gang (Pedro and Nico) who are looking for new acts for Carnival volunteer to go along.
The adventure begins,  When they arrive in the Amazon; they find that the macaws aren’t just another group of birds, but Jewel’s family. The leader is Eduardo, Jewel’s dad, he is not thrilled with Blue a city slicker who knows nothing about the ways of the jungle.  Jewel’s old boyfriend Roberto, Eduardo’s right hand, is there as well.  He makes it known that if something happens to Blue he will take care of Jewel and the kids.  Blue isn’t too happy with that and tries to prove himself to Eduardo, but in doing so he incites a beef with the striped macaws over territory.   If they lose the fight they could lose their side of jungle.  While, Nico and Pedro are auditioning acts in the Amazon for the carnival they do not realize that Nigel is there as well with his crew (Gabi the frog and Charlie the mute anteater) trying to kill Blue in revenge of Nigel losing his ability to fly in Part I.

If that isn’t enough going on Linda and Tulio find themselves trying to get away from a lollipop sucking logger who is cutting down trees illegally; that will destroy the macaws home. Blue sees the logger’s crew and warn the macaws and tells them that Linda and Tulio can help, but they are distrustful of humans. Blue convinces them they have to work together to save the Amazon and this brings all the macaws (blue and striped) together along with humans to protect the Amazon.
The movie had a lot going on but C.A.B. enjoyed the music and danced throughout the movie from his seat. The animations were great.  I’m biased to Part I but Rio Part II was enjoyable.