The Adventures of C.A.B. goes to the carnival at the Bowie Town Center.  This was C.A.B.’s first time at a carnival.  He has been to amusement parks but never a carnival.  The first ride that he sees all I hear is, “Mommy, Mommy, can I get on that?  I am tall enough. and  I am a big boy”.  I look around and say sure the dizzy dragons.  C.A.B says,  “No mommy that big circle” and  to my surprise he is talking about the Ferris wheel.  “No, baby, mommy isn’t ready for that”!  I was pleasantly surprised that half of all the rides were tailored to his age group.  I bought 22 tickets for $20.00 and that was enough for 7 rides! We went around 3:00 P.M. so it wasn’t crowded at all no waiting in lines.


C.A.B. really enjoyed himself; he was so excited!  He could ride the rides by himself!   The first ride he got on was a race car that goes around a track and whips you on the curve. He was so thrilled!  Then the next ride was this big activity center with punching bags, stairs, bridge high in the sky that takes you to a slide that lands you on a moon bounce.  This was his absolute favorite! He went on this twice. They even had a Roller-coaster! C.A.B. went into the house of mirrors by himself only after they assured me I could see him every step of the way and to get out you have to slide down the slide.  I had to coach him through; so funny turn there, no don’t , go straight!  Finally, he went on the boat and motorcycle rides.  They didn’t offer much excitement for him so he said they were too baby for him.



The carnival was placed perfectly right on the other side of the food court. We went in and grabbed a bite to eat and next thing you know he was sleep in the car.  A perfect way to spend a gorgeous Sunday afternoon! I just found out that there is a carnival at Annapolis Mall; C.A.B. and I will be there before the long weekend is over. The DC Capitol Fair will be at RFK Stadium in DC from June 27th – July 6th.