T-R-A-I-N Train!  The Adventures of C.A.B celebrates National Train Day 2014.  National Train Day celebrates the anniversary of the Transcontinental Railroad and how it has transformed America. Every spring, Amtrak hosts National Train Day activities in DC and other stations across the country. This year it was held on May 10th;  Amtrak offered an Acela Express  Excursion Train and The Chuggington Kids Depot.  Amtrak is celebration of National Train Day offered a 35 minute roundtrip train ride from Union Station to Bowie MD.  The train ride was available at four different times and the price was $5 for adults and $2.50 for children 12 and under.  



 C.A.B. is into trains and  watches trains on the IPAD everyday. He was excited to go on a train ride because he has never been on a train.   He was telling everyone at school that he was going on a train ride.  His eyes lit up once we arrived at Union Station; he was amazed at how big it was and all the people moving around. We maneuvered our way through the station and made it to the platform.  Once on the train, the conductors came through and greeted us.  After that we were off.  The train was moving at rates of up to 120 mph.  C.A.B. was quiet the entire ride captivated by the way the train stopped at the rail yard , the way were able to see other trains and crossing signs. Once the ride was over we explored the train venturing to the dining car where we took pictures with the conductors.


 Once we made it off of the platform we went in to the Chuggington Kids Depot. They had two tables set up with mini trains and tracks for the children to play with as well as someone monitoring to make sure everyone was playing nice and taking turns. There was a coloring table set up as well as bean a bag lounge set up for the children to take a break and watch a Chuggington movie.  C.A.B. and his cousin took pictures in front of the Chuggington poster.  They also gave away a bag of goodies for the children to take home.  This was a great adventure for C.A.B. which has  inspired another adventure.  C.A.B. and I are planning to take the train to NY…Choo Choo!!!!!