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Strike! The Adventures of C.A.B. goes bowling!  C.A.B. and I went to a bowling party for one of his friends and he loved it; so I decided to take him back and make a day of it.  Initially, I had reservations about taking C.A.B. bowling.  I was a little worried how he would do bowling.   Would he only roll gutter balls?  Would he be able to pick up the ball or would it be too heavy?  Would they have shoes in his size? All the questions and concerns mommy had were gone within seconds of getting to the bowling alley. They put the bumpers up and gave him a metal hill-type device, which helped C.A.B.; one get a straight shot and some power behind his ball.  Don’t judge me I used it too! The metal rolling hill lets him know where to stand and once I told him to wait for the gate around the pins to go up before he rolled the ball. We were ready to get started.

 Bowling alley

He was a natural!   He had two strikes and a spare.  Go C.A.B.!  He was so excited that he could hardly wait for his turn to come around again.  He didn’t have to wait long because it was just he and I bowling.   We had a ball!

 ball rolling down lane

The only thing I would warn parents against with blowing is the wait;  if there are a lot of people playing children may get restless waiting their turn.  All you need to bring is you and some cash everything else is provided by the bowling alley (shoes, ball, snacks, and etc).  This activity is great for rainy or extremely hot days that we are sure to have here in DC during the summer.