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Port Discovery in Baltimore is one of C.A.B.’s favorite places to go; it is three floors of pure fun!!!!   It is abright colored building  located across from the Baltimore Harbor; it is a one stop shop of fun.  They have activities by age groups and they give each person a Cool Things To Do for the Day which details the activities of the day, time, location, and age group.  Also, on the back they give Tips For Your Visit that I go over with C.A.B. each time.  For example,  like KidsWorks is Up-only, keep your wristband on (all children and adults are given wristbands and are checked upon leaving), be a good citizen and clean up behind yourself in the various exhibits. Once we have the rulesout of the way; its play time!!!!!

Port Discovery


port discovery sign

Floor One contains the Farm; Show’ Em a Poem, Studio Workshop, Kick it Up!, MPT Studio, The Pier, Royal Farms Convenience and Fill’er Up Station, Art Way, and KidWorks. The first floor  is the beginning of KidWorks is a 3.5  up-only climbing experience and let me tell you it is an experience.  You can climb with the kids like I did or meet them at the various floors.  KidWorks is so large that I was worried I wouldn’t be able to see him at the various levels; however, they have attendants at each opening to guide the climbers along.  There are also slides that shoot you from the top to the bottom and bridges for you to race across. I climbed and slid with C.A.B. on each level.  I was having as much fun as he did but was paid for it the next day.    He also couldn’t get enough of Kick It Up! where they have virtual skateboards, bike racing, and iDance.

 skate boards port discovery

Floor Two has the Train Station, The Terraces, Adventure Expeditions, The Oasis, and Tot Trail for ages birth – 3 y.o. The Terraces puts you in the mind of a roadside store where children can stock vegetables or gather them for a picnic at the picnic table located next to the stand.  Adventure Expeditions allows for interactive explorations of 1920’s Egypt. The Oasis is a place where you can experience downtime; they have books, puzzles, and Circle Time (check the daily Cool Things To Do sheet to see what times).



Floor Three offers The Harvey M. Meyerhoff Gallery and Kids Glub Gallery Nano Exhibit, Miss Perceptions Mystery House, Tiny’s Diner, and Wonders of Water. Miss Perceptions Mystery House allows children to use their senses as they pick up clues to find information on the missing Baffeld family.  Tiny’s Diner is one of C.A.B.’s favorite areas he loves to pretend  to cook and take orders from parents in the booth.  They even have a jukebox and rotary pay phone on the wall.  Wonders of Water is just that a wonder of water prepare to get wet! Children can splash around water chimes; clean the display window, play at the water table or try the Bubble Hoop. I still could get a complete bubble around C.A.B.  They provide raincoats and Crocs as well as a Body Dryer.

 Water works

Located on floor one is the Pier; the Pier is a place you can eat your snacks that you bring or buy from the vending machine. They also have lockers you can rent to hold your belongings.  C.A.B. and I arrived at 10:30 and stayed until 2. After hours and hours of fun we still didn’t get to explore every room and he was so tired he asked me to carry him to the car.  He was sleep before I pulled out the garage.

 Admission is $14.95 for all over 2 years of age and free for children under 2. They also offered $2 family night sponsored by Target once a month, but be prepared for it to be crowded. I list them monthly in the Happenings Section.   I say another great Adventure!!!