C.A.B. and I were excited to see How to Train Your Dragon 2.   We loved the first one and the networks have been playing the first one for the last couple of weeks in preparation for its release.  This was fine with me; it allowed C.A.B. and I to get reacquainted with the story line. How to Train a Dragon

2 begins five years later in Berk.  Berk is now a safe haven and breeding ground for dragons. Dragons are a part of their everyday life. Hiccup and Toothless are exploring new lands and they discover a large spikey ice mass; while going in for a closer peak they encounter dragon hunters. The Dragon hunters are capturing Dragons for Draco and his dragon army. Hiccup races to Berk to tell his dad of his discovery and wants to reason with Draco. His father forbids him because he knows Draco and fears this impossible. He orders Berk on lock down no one in or out. Hiccup disobeys and the adventure begins.

On this adventure he learns of another dragon trainer that has a personal relationship with him and his father. His father and friends set out to find him before he finds Draco. This movie was very funny and the animations were great!  C.A.B. and I adored Hiccups and Toothless relationship; it was so cute when Toothless would drool all over him.  I don’t know who enjoyed the movie more C.A.B. or I.   How To Train a Dragon 2 was more action packed than the first one.  I have read there will be one or more installments added and I can’t wait!!!

If you are looking to stay cool while having fun with your child(ren) definitely go see How to Train Your Dragon 2.

How To Train A Dragon 2