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The Adventures of C.A.B. goes to North Carolina where we bask in the sun on the beach and experience the country life.  C.A.B. is a city boy who loves the country and now that school is out it is time for a road trip to rural North Carolina and Carolina beach.  I wanted C.A.B. to experience summer vacations like I did in the country.  Boy those were some fun times!   He loved the drive down seeing all the big tractor trailers on the road.  C.A.B. loves the open space of the country and the fact that he can run to his heart’s content and play with his cousins.  C.A.B. and I went on morning walks to see what animals we would see; we saw cows, goats, chickens, roosters, and horses.  He also got to pick blueberries off the bush, but couldn’t pick scuppernong grapes off the grape hopper because they weren’t ready yet.  We walked through the corn fields.  He had a ball because until now he was only use to seeing these fruits and vegetables in a store.  He got to steer the riding lawn mower and pick up pine cones that had fallen.  Also, in town he loved when he pumped his arm the big trucks would blow their horn for him.

Cows country vacation

 To celebrate the 4thof July we went to Carolina Beach in Wilmington a short ride away to enjoy the beach and see the fireworks. C.A.B. went last summer and has been asking all year when we were going back.  Carolina Beach is a great beach and has a small town feel, but filled with plenty of activities. I was pleasantly surprised that although it was a holiday we had no problem finding parking or a place on the beach for C.A.B. to play in the sand and enjoy the fireworks.  C.A.B. made three big sand castles and splashed in the water while waiting for it to get dark.  It was beautiful to watch the night sky light up.  Carolina Beach has a boardwalk and a little amusement park right across the street.  They also have a Krispy Kreme which the light always seems to be on a few miles up the road which we were sure to stop at.

Carolina Beach vacation

Carnival Carolina Beach Boardwalk

 We enjoyed Carolina Beach so much; I think this will be our  4th of July spot and we will definitely be back before school starts to visit the aquarium, the zoo, and Jungle Rapids a water park.