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The Adventures of C.A.B. takes a trip to Dutch Wonderland.  Dutch Wonderland is a castle like amusement/water park located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  It is about 2 hours from DC depending on traffic.  We got up Saturday morning and decided to take a road trip.  We have never been there before and were a little hesitant to go on a Saturday because we thought there would be long lines.  We were pleasantly surprised we had no wait for the rides. We were told we lucked out because normally June through August is their busy season.  Admission is $37.75 and parking is free.  We got there around 2 pm and had no problem finding parking.  If you go after 5:30 you can also go the next day free you just have to get your ticket stamped which is a good deal.

Dutch Wonderland

Dutch Wonderland is filled with great rides for preschoolers from roller coasters to carousels.  C.A.B. was excited he was able to ride most rides without me.  He kept saying mommy I am tall enough.  I had just as much fun as he did!  Once we got in the park I pulled out my map to strategize. First, we got on the sky ride to go to the other end of the park. The Sky ride had me shaking but C.A.B. enjoyed the aerial view of the park.  From there we went to Duke’s Bulldozers.   Joust Family Coaster is where  C.A.B.  saw the Kingdom Coaster the big roller coaster and begged me to go; I was a little nervous.  This was his 1st time on a big roller coaster but he loved it and rode it five times in a row.  We then got on the bumper cars and leaping frogs.

Dutch Wonder Rollercoaster

Dutch Wonderland RideNext, we went to Exploration Island to see the interactive dinosaurs. As you get close the dinosaurs begin to move and growl. C.A.B.  got a photo op in the dinosaur egg.  Located in Exploration Island is Sunoco Turnpike where C.A.B got to drive a car along the track and after that we took a nice Riverboat ride and after that we were off to the Monorail for a ride.  After all the rides it was definitely time for a break!  Mommy needed to refuel with a funnel cake and to my surprise there was no line!!!!!

Dutch Wonderland Dino

Dutch Wonderland DinosaursAfter a much needed break we took in one of the many shows, The Adventure of the Frog Prince, while mommy’s funnel cake digested.  C.A.B. loved it he told the actors what a great job they did.  It was a cute play.  Next, we got back on the sky ride to go to the other side of the park to ride the train and jam with the Band.

Dutch Wonderland sky rideFinally, we ended the day with the Dragon’s Lair log ride; which we got on twice. I  don’t know who enjoyed the park more C.A.B or I.   I am already making plans to go back for a weekend and include the Lancaster Outlets located across the street from Dutch Wonderland.   All in all Dutch Wonderland is awesome!!!   Plenty of rides, places to eat, shows to watch, and clean rest rooms!!