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Walker Mill Regional Park is one of Prince George’s County Parks and Recreation’s remodeled parks that features a new playground and various playing fields such as, soccer, kickball, baseball, and football. They also have tennis and basketball courts, and walking trails located on Walker Mill Road in District Heights, Maryland.

Walker Mill Park

Walker Mill Park


SlideMusic playhouse

C.A.B. saw the playground and couldn’t wait to run and enjoy it. I was in awe as well at all of the things they offered for the children. The theme is a Woodland Wonderland and that it is! They have big statues of forest animals that greet you as you enter the park. There are slides for all ages and steps that lead into a treehouse that connect to a long slide at the end of the slide there is a little fort the kids can climb protected by a soft padding that covers the enire playground. There are three treehouses that have slides one features a little bridge that makes piano sounds and another has steps that the children can climb down. There is a steel windmill that has a long slide attached which I was a little nervous about C.A.B. climbing, but he was just fine. There is a climbing rope that children can climb across C.A.B. hasn’t quite mastered that yet. They have seating benches all around for parents to sit and little nut seats for children. Finally they have water sprays for hot days and along the outter perimeter they have activities for the children like a gnome you speak into and a machine you crank and hear sounds.


Tree house

C.A.B. had a great time! He played and played and then we walked around the park to check out the basketball and tennis courts. We went early and there was only a few people. Because the park is the go to place for various sports practices, activities, and games it can be very crowded. We recommend going early and you will not be disappointed.

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