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The chill is in the air; the leaves are turning; spooky decorations are everywhere; and we all know what that means! It is time to go to the pumpkin patch and this time we are at Montpelier farms.  Montpelier farms is located on Rt 301 in Upper Marlboro (1720 Crain Highway North). They are open Friday through Sunday till November 2nd. They will reopen during the Christmas season. 

Montpelier farmsGiant Hill slide

Pedal carsMontpelier farms Admission

Once we arrived C.A.B. Was so excited. There are so many things to do; there is the Giant Hill slide, pedal cars, grain train, hayride, picture booth, make a scarecrow, decorate your scarecrow, toast marshmallows, or s’mores,  play on the play ground, and corn mazes for little ones and big kids alike.  C.A.B. wanted to get on the Giant Hill slide first.  The Giant Hill slide is a slide with four different slides with pipes connected to them. He spent about 20 minutes on the slides riding numerous times because there was no waiting. We also raced on the pedal cars. Momma won the first race and  Collin won the next three.  Next, C.A.B. rode on the Grain Train; a tractor with five individual cars for the children while momma caught her breath after the pedal cars. Then we both relaxed on the playground swings.

Playground Build a scarecrowFeed animals Lil corn maze

Now how could we go to a farm without getting some food lol. The kettle corn is so good as well as the apple cider. They have a fire with Mater decorated chairs for the children and regular chairs for the adults. You have to buy the sticks and marshmallows for the fire for about a dollar each. They have s’more kits as well.  There is also a nice covered area the football lounge; that has a TV that is playing or a movie depending on the time for you to relax.  After eating; it was time to go on a hayride. The hayride was nice and it was around the farm; it takes about 5 to 10 minutes.  C.A.B. Did the small corn maze, we weren’t brave enough to do the big one yet. We may go back Halloween weekend and try it. Finally; it was off to pick our pumpkin. They are 60 cents a pound and $3.00 for 5 pounds and under.

Lil corn maze Pumpkin Patch

Montpelier farm was definitely worth the ride; we went on a Friday and it was not crowded at all. The only thing is that the farm closed at 11 pm, but the rides close at dark.  We were able to ride on everything we wanted to with no problem. C.A.B. Was extremely excited and had a great time.  He was knocked out in the car.