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Today’s adventure takes us to Busch Gardens Williamsburg; Busch Gardens is about 3 hours outside of Washington, DC. This is a lost post from one of our Summer Adventures; with the chill in the air I need the warmth from the memories lol. We bought a Bounce Pass online from Busch Gardens for $123.00 that allowed 7 days access and parking for Busch Gardens and Water Country including free admission for children under 5; which made this, a great deal for us.   I also found a deal through AAA which has passes for both parks not including parking for $77.00. Busch Gardens charges $82.00 for the same parks. C.A.B. was so excited the entire way there and by the time we arrived he was sleep. Surprisingly, when he woke up we were outside the gates of Busch Garden. We arrived at the park after 5 P.M. and found parking right up front with no lines in sight. This became our strategy from that point each day we would get to the park later in the evening so we could find parking and avoid long lines.

We headed straight to Sesame Street Forest of Fun an area dedicated totally to the little ones.   It is a Sesame Street themed play area with rides, water sprouts, live shows, and an area where children can take pictures with their favorite characters. There are tons of rides; Prince Elmo’s Spire, Bert and Ernie’s Loch Adventure, Oscar 2 where the kids sit and the ride goes up and down dropping them slowly. C.A.B. wanted to start at the water play area at Elmo’s castle he had a ball running through the water spouts and having buckets of water falling on his head. We even saw the show at the castle which gave the children a time to sit down before getting back in the water. C.A.B. could not get enough of Grover’s Alpine Express. We went on this ride about 10 times over the course of three days. He also enjoyed Prince Elmo’s Spire which takes the children up and down and Oscar’s Whirly Worm a boat that takes the children back and forth.





The next day we spent most of the day in the Land of Dragons; another area totally devoted to the little ones. This area has a huge jungle gym called the Dragon’s Layer with slides, metal houses, and net climbs that is all connected to a big treehouse with a dragon made into it. It is so cool; momma climbed the ropes and went to the top of the layer. I drew the line coming down the slides. They also have a water spray area, Flutter Sputter a dragon ride that goes around, and Eggery Deggery which is a mini Ferris wheel for the little ones. One warning, this area closes at 8pm or dark whichever comes first; so plan accordingly.



We also took the train (C.A.B. loves trains) and skyride to the various kid rides as a way of taking a break and enjoying the scenery. Also, don’t forget to check out a show and the animals. They have kid’s rides all over the park mixed in with the adult rides such as bumper car and the baby swings that C.A.B thought were too baby for him. He also got to ride on a few big kid rides, as he calls them, such as the regular swings, the log ride that splashes into water; which he got on three times, and a virtual European simulation flight that was a lot of fun.

Busch Gardens was a blast! We went three days and could have went back for a fourth. There was something new and exciting to do every day. I would suggest grabbing a bite to eat before you get in the park. The kid’s meal do not offer much variety but the snacks and desserts make up for it. I can’t wait to do this again next year or for Christmas. C.A.B. has seen the commercials and is asking can we go; hey mommy is always up for an adventure.