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Boomerang Pirate Ship 20141102_113104

Hi Ho Matey; the Adventures of C.A.B. sail the high seas of the Potomac on the Boomerang Pirate ship’s family fun treasure hunt docked in the Georgetown Waterfront.  I purchased the deal through Living Social; normally it is 20 per person. I did not know what to expect, but I heard it was very fun.  We went in November; so it was rather chilly.  Once we boarded the boat; the fun began and we no longer felt the chill. Once we got on the boat the adventure began; one of the crew introduced themselves and the rest of the crew. After introductions and safety introductions; all the children gathered around to learn sea terminology to prepare them for their adventure.

20141102_114039  Boomerang Sea terminology

 The adventure was to get the key to the treasure chest; that a crewmate had stolen. The way to get the key back was to shoot the crewmate with the water cannons which the children enjoyed. Once, they recaptured the key the celebration began. The children were able to get their face painted and a tattoo. C.A.B. got a treasure chest painted on his face and a ship tattoo on his hand. They even had dancing with the cha cha slide and they did the limbo. You know momma had to participate.  The highlight of the treasure hunt was opening the treasure chest and the children getting to pick their own treasure. They had fake gold coins, candy, small toys, and the like to choose from. The ride lasted an hour and was really nice. They had pirate goody bags you could purchase for $10; which include a plastic eye patch, sword, treasure map, and bag to carry it in. I had to get C.A.B. one.  This is an adventure we will definitely be doing again next year.