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US Botanic Gardens

Today’s adventure takes us to see the holiday exhibits at the US Botanic Gardens located at 1000 Maryland Ave Sw, Washington DC.   The US Botanic Gardens has three holiday exhibits on display until January 4, 2015; Natural Wonders in The Garden Court, East Gallery model trains, and the Douglass fir in the West Gallery with Percy riding around it.  In the garden court they have replicas of the monuments from the National Mall made with dried plants (pine cone scales, willows, screw pods, grapevine tendrils, and acorn caps).  These replicas are amazing to see.

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C.A.B. And I are always excited to see the model trains and what theme they will have; they change the theme every year. This year is a nautical wonderland; we explored the seven seas guided by 33 lighthouses(ex: Cape Hatteras and Horn Island).  They have model trains and also Thomas the train riding through the nautical theme and over bridges.  They have a kid size tunnel with treasure chests, sea creatures, and sunken ships for them to look at through the port holes.  They even have a dragon car on the railroad tracks.

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The West Gallery has a huge decorated Douglass fir with Percy riding around it. I made the mistake of saying it was Thomas lol.  There is also a large wooden train that is perfect for photo ops.  Also, there are benches for you to take a rest and enjoy the tree. Live Seasonal music will be available Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6pm to 8pm for your enjoyment.

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The US Botanic Gardens is one of C.A.B’s and I favorite spots to visit during the holidays. He loves to see the train exhibit and then we go to see the Christmas tree at the Capitol.  I recommend going either late or early because the lines tend to get long closer to Christmas.