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C.A.B. loves trains and the College Park Aviation Museum has an exhibit with Holiday Trains and Planes. Upon arrival at the museum C.A.B. was excited to see the exhibit of O-Gauge model trains that had been set-up for kids young and old by The National Capital Tracker an informal group of model train enthusiasts in the Washington D.C. area who share an interest in operating three rail O-Gauge Trains. The exhibit displays miniature trains with villages, tunnels and depots.  This exhibit is scheduled to run until December 20ththis is an event that will leave a lasting impression on young minds for years to come.  C.A.B. is still talking about trains and asking to see the pictures.

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Not only did the museum have the train exhibit, but College Park Aviation Museum tons of information and exhibits about the world’s oldest continuously operating airport.  Upon entry you are warmly welcome by a group of friendly staff members that set the tone for what is to be an enjoyable visit towards learning about a key factor of history that has developed into a vital addition to the way we live today.  To strengthen your knowledge of the history of aviation the venue allows you to participate in scavenger hunt by providing a sheet of paper with questions that guide you through the museum.  You read, listen and look around the museum for the answers.  Upon completion participants are rewarded with a prize. C.A.B. definitely enjoyed the museum as he shifted back and forth between the display of trains and the interactive games and exhibits the museum had to offer.

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