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Look up in the air; it’s a bird, a plane, no it’s C.A.B.’s kite. The Adventures of C.A.B. goes to the Blossom Kite Festival on the Grounds of the Washington Monument on Saturday, March 28th. This is an annual event that draws hundreds of people to fly and watch kite expeditions annually. I remember going as a child with my dad and being excited to run up and down and around watching my kite in the air. This was the first year that I have taken C.A.B. and he had a ball.

C.A.B.'s Kite


When we first arrived C.A.B. was so excited! He saw a man flying a kite while riding a  skateboard! He kept yelling cool mom! Did you see that?  He couldn’t wait to see what other things he would see.  The information booth gave away maps and pinwheels to all that stopped by. We then saw a kite making booth; that we couldn’t resist. C.A.B. drew a big hotel on him and the kite lol. I never made a kite before and it was really easy and I had lots of help from a volunteer. C.A.B. even met Ms. D.C. and took a picture with her. Next, it was off to the Rangers booth to get a tail for the kite before we start flying it. C.A.B. ran back and forth before the wind destroyed the kite he made; luckily we had a backup one with us that we bought. C.A.B’s kite was a fighter jet and he ran back and forth making it race across the sky. We brought lawn chairs; I highly recommend it so you can have a place to sit and take a break and watch the kite competitions and demos that are taking place.