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The Adventures of C.A.B. joins the fun and has a pillow fight on the grounds of the National Monument taking part in the International Pillow Fight. Pillow fights were taking place all over the world on Saturday, April 4th.  When I first asked C.A.B. if he wanted to go he was like sure, but can’t we have one here? I said we can or we can go and participate in the fun downtown. The only thing that they asked was that you didn’t bring any down pillows. We got there and was surprised to see how many people were ready to participate in the fun. I was a little shy at how it would work and worried about C.A.B. Getting hit with the pillows, but it was kids of all ages there. We had a ball and will be attending next year.

Pillow Fight National Mall 2015

International Pillow Fight 2015