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The Adventures of C.A.B. goes to Greenbelt’s Public Works Open House. Greenbelt’s Public Works center is located at 555 Crescent Road Greenbelt, MD 20770.  When we first arrived we were greeted by a host of service equipment that the children could climb into and operate. C.A.B. was happy with the vehicles he saw, but when was told that around back there were more for his enjoyment.  We ventured to the back and saw a cherry picker that you could get inside and be hoisted in the sky. I have to say momma was just as excited a s C.A.B. was and couldn’t wait to get inside. The view from the top was wonderful; we could for miles.  Next, it was off to climb into a tractor and a scooper. Greenbelt Public Work's Open House The Adventures of CAB in the cherry picker 20150516_125233There were also people explaining how to compost and what goes into the compost. C.A.B. was really excited and wants to try one in the backyard.  They told us that they offer a class that will teach what you need to know to get started. There also was a person that explained how to recycle and what goes into your recycling trash cans. We played a game where they showed a picture and you told them where it would go; whether it was recyclable, trash, or compost. I was surprised to find out things I thought would be recyclable weren’t. Then to finish a great day off; there was food. Greenbelt’s Public Work’s staff was cooking on the grill for everyone. They also had chips and water. It wasn’t crowded at all and it is an annual event that we will be at. Next to the Public Works Office is a nice park Buddy Attick Lake Park with a  lake that offered fishing, trails, and two playgrounds. We had to explore before leaving.