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Trucks, games, helicopters, segways, moon bounces, and entertainment; the Adventures of C.A.B. goes to the 8th Annual Touch Truck DC at RFK Stadium. This is  one of C.A.B.’s most anticipated events. It is broken into three areas: trucks, games, and entertainment, We headed straight to the truck section. He loves trucks and more trucks; every year Truck Touch seems to get bigger and bigger with more trucks and entertainment. When we arrived there was a sea of trucks and Collin was so excited. It was not  super crowded; there was enough trucks and activities available that there was not a wait to see the trucks. The first thing that caught his attention were the painted garbage trucks they were works of art.Then we made our way over to the  police tow truck and he personalized each child’s experience. C.A.B. was so excited and I was impressed. C.A.B. got to drop the tow, open up the grabber, talk into the loud speaker, and cut on the sirens.  Kids got to climb inside a helicopter, military Humvee, and emergency vehicles. The trucks also put on a show doing spins and the cherry picker raised to the sky.


The second area in the back focused on games; they had everything from basketball, soccer, putt putt, T ball, and tennis.  C.A.B. played basketball; where is made two baskets and Tball. He also tried a game called Cards where depending on what card you got; that was the exercise you did. For example; if you get Hearts you did 10 jumping jacks and then run to the cone and back. Then it was off to try the segways; this was the first activity that there was a line for and it was a small one. C.A.B. was a little nervous when he first got on and then he handled it like a pro. He was riding by himself.


The last area we explored was the entertainment; they had face painting, moon bounces, coloring stations, and a an open area for the kids to dance. C.A.B. showed off his dancing skills doing the nay nay. He had a ball and cooled himself off with a snow cone. When we left; he so tired he fell asleep in the car and continued to talk about it for the rest of the week. Touch Truck DC is normally the first week in June every year and C.A.B. is already talking about can’t wait to next year.