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The Adventures Of C.AB. explores Anacostia Park located at 1900 Anacostia Drive SE, Washington, D.C. 20020.  I have not been to Anacostia Park in more than a decade.  I was pleasantly surprised with all that it has to offer; The park is divided into two sides by the road. One side is where is all the action happens, playgrounds, skating park,  tennis and basketball courts. We found three playgrounds that C.A.B. had to test out.  We started at the pirate ship; which was his favorite. Next, we turned right toward the skating park  which has free skate rentals from June 10th till Labor Day and is open 7 days a week  to find out that there was playground and basketball courts there as well. There is also an Aquatic Resources education Center. The third playground we found was next to the pool; there are plenty of picnic areas for one to use if you decide to make a day out of it. There are also tennis courts for you to use a well.

Anacostia Pirate Ship

Anacostia Pirate wallAnacostia Skate ParkAnacostia Resource CenterAnacostia Playground by Skate Park

The other side of the road; C.A.B. and I explored the Anacostia trial. I was on foot and C.A.B. was on his push scooter. I wanted to get a little cardio in. We walked along the water and C.A.B. counted the boats we saw. He was so excited to see the CSX train go by and so was I; it gave me a much needed break. We also saw people fishing along the banks.  We watched the geese and counted how many we saw, discussed what they ate, and why they walk in a line when crossing the street. All in all we had a great time exploring Anacostia Park and both were exhausted.

CSX train riding past Anacostia ParkBoats Anacostia ParkWaterview Anacostia Park