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The Wizard of OZ has landed at Watkins Park playground in Upper Marlboro, Md. Watkins Park playground has been renovated and turned into the Wizard of Oz complete with a storybook at the entrance, Ruby red slipper slide, cut outs of Dorothy, the tin man, the cowardly lion, and the scarecrow.  It is truly beautiful and the playground brings the story to life. Watkins Park Watkins Park ruby slide20150712_09494320150712_101801 C.A.B.’s face lit up with excitement trying to take it all in; he didn’t know what to do first. We spent an hour and an half exploring and since it just opened we had the playground to ourselves. The playground has everything you can image; there are water sprays for extra hot summer days, huge musical instruments the kids can play, swings, a little house for the kids to sit and take a break, they have two huge slides that look like houses one is called the chicken coup and has fake chickens and even a rock climbing wall. There is also a big tractor in the middle as well as a big hot air balloon that says Kansas State fair.  C.A.B. Enjoyed hisself so much we will be back on Sunday to partake again don’t forget to take a ride on the train, or visit Old Maryland farm, the carousel, or play put put across the street. Watkins Park will provide endless hours of enjoyment for the children. 20150712_09595020150712_09512820150712_09503020150712_09504320150712_100659 Sent from my iPad