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Through the woods and over the bridge the Adventures of C.A.B. explores the Nature Center at Watkins Park (301 Watkins Park Drive, Upper Marlboro, MD 20774 ). The Nature center is nestled in the woods just past the playground and train in what looks like a tree house.  You have to cross the bridge to enter; before going on the bridge take a minute to look at the bulletin board that posts all the neat activities happening at the Nature Center such as  campfires, family hikes, or petting the reptiles.

Watkins Park Nature Center

 Once you enter the Nature Center; you can scan the whole room since it is in the shape of a circle. There is a desk with a Naturalist waiting to help you. There is a puppet station and book area for the children to sit down and create their own fun. C.A.B. put on a puppet show for me before grabbing a book and doing story time.  They have Scents of Nature boxes where you sniff and tell what it is and Touch Boxes that you feel and tell what is inside for example a rock.


 Next, it was time to see the animals; we started in the middle at the turtle pond. We counted the turtles and watched them swim around before going over to look at the snakes and scorpion. We came at a perfect time; feeding time for the birds. C.A.B. got a chance to watch them feed the birds while momma recovered from the snakes and scorpions. We looked a few more animals before heading outside. Outside there is a wall houses and they tell you what animals live in them. Behind the Nature Center; they have more birds that you can observe and the start of the trails. They have various walking trails for all levels varying from 5 minutes to complete to 90 minutes. This may be an Adventure of C.A.B. exploring the walking trails. The Nature Center at Watkins Park is a great way to spend a summer day exploring the wild.

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