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Splash! Dump! The Adventures of C.A.B. explores the outdoor splash park at Ellen Linson.  C.A.B. loves the water and hot as it has been lately; I figure the best way to cool off is to take a slide down the slide into the pool or let one of the cones of water dump water on your head.  Ellen Linson Splash Park has this and much more. Ellen Linson Splash Park is located at 5211 Paint Branch Parkway, College Park Maryland.  I have to warn you it can get pretty crowded so go early or call ahead to see if it is a wait. The first time we went there was a waiting list of 25 people to get in, but also they had children from a summer camp there that day as well. This time we went later in the afternoon around 3 and had the whole splash park basically to ourselves. There were maybe 30 people there.
Ellen Linson Splash Park is divided into five areas; you have your straight pool to do laps and practice your stroke, next to that you have a blue slide that empties into the deeper end of the pool  and a climbing wall next to it. Then as you walk to the other end it gets a little deeper with the next slide that is lime green and has a snake and alligator for the kids to climb on and relax while in the water.  C.A.B.  couldn’t get enough of the snake; he kept climbing on and falling off.  There is also a little obstacle course with a rope ladder overhead and floating tires under your feet. We saw way too many wipe outs trying to get from one end to the next, but they were enjoying themselves trying lol.
Ellen Linson Splash Park
Ellen linson Splash Park
The last two areas are for smaller children; there is a separate baby pool with a little whale and water sprays that shoot up from the ground. Then there is a section with colorful water cones that dump water on top of you and red water pipes that are spewing water on whoever is under them.  There are also two  little aqua slides side by side that the little ones use to slide into shallow water.  C.A.B. was just a sliding up and down repeatedly while momma waded in the pool watching. They also have plenty of seating on the side of pool as well as in the grass.  C.A.B. enjoyed himself so   much that he was sleep by the time I pulled out of the parking lot for more information on price and hours of operation click  here
Ellen linson Splash Park
Ellen linson Splash Park