The wait is over to see what is new with the Dragon Master and the rest of the Furious Five members; the Adventures of C.A.B. goes to see Kung Fu Panda 3. In order for us to prepare C.A.B. and I watched Kung Fu Panda 2 on FX which was the perfect activity to pass time during Snowzilla in DC.   Kung Fu Panda opens up with a fight in the spirit world between Grand Master Oogway  and Kai where Grand Master Oogway chi is stolen. Grand Master Oogway tells Kai the dragon master will stop him.


 Next, Master Shifu announces his retirement and Po will now be  teaching Kung Fu. This proves to be a hard task and he fails on his first attempt teaching. Po is devastated and Master Shifu gives him the advice to be yourself which Po has no clue of what he is talking about. He retreats home to his dad’s noodle shop and while there someone beats his dumpling eating record. The new champion is a panda; that is his biological dad Li Shan at the end of Kung Fu Panda 2;  Li Shan has a vision that his son is still alive.  Po is excited; he has never seen another Panda before and learns there is a whole village of them.  While introducing his dad to the members of the Furious Five ; the Valley of Peace is attacked by past kung fu masters that Kai is controlling.  Po learns to defeat Kai; he has to learn how to master chi and his father says he can teach him.  He then goes to the secret village of pandas to learn chi, but also learns what being a panda is all about; while learning about being a panda he will learn about himself.  He will need this, all his friends, and new family to defeat Kai. Kung Fu Panda is a good entertaining movie that kept C.A.B. and I laughing throughout. You will not be disappointed and has a great message within.