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Pretty blooms of white line the tidal basin and thousands of people flock just to take a peak at the Cherry Blossoms down at the tidal basin. C.A.B. and I were watching the news and they were reporting live from the tidal basin and he was like look mommy can we go please? We have been to the tidal basin and we have gone to the Cherry Blossom events such as the fireworks on the waterfront, flying kites on the monument, and the parade, but we have never just gone down to just enjoy the cherry blossoms in full bloom. They were absolutely beautiful, but for allergy sufferers like me make you sure you take something before you get down there.



Every year thousands of people are drawn to see the Cherry Blossoms every year and this year we were one of the thousands. We drove, but during peak hours take Metro; there were tons of guides directing people how to get there or just follow the crowds of people. People were walking, on bikes, segways, and the kids had their scooters. There are information booths with maps and guides that are available to answer questions, but the most important thing to know is not to touch the cherry blossoms. There are daily shows to enjoy, cutouts to take pictures and the paddle boats are open.  We even stopped past the Jefferson memorial on our way back to the car.  C.A.B. was having such a great time he wanted to stay a little while longer; I pulled out the blanket from the car and put it down. I enjoyed the view while he ran and played his heart out. We had a perfect spot under a tree  with the water in front of us. Next year, I am Bringing a picnic basket; that would have been the perfect end to our adventure.

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