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C.A.B. goes skateboarding at the Skatepark at Walker Mill Park located at 7701 Walker Mill Rd in District Heights, MD. We have ridden past and even stopped to see the skateboarders and bikers do tricks.  This time it was our turn to skateboard.  C.A.B. got a skateboard, pads, and helmet for his birthday and has been dying to try them out; now that the weather has broken we headed to the skatepark. It is an open-ended flow bowl when a lot of flat ground in the center; which was great for a beginner like C.A.B. It also has plenty of ramps and dips for skaters or bikers to do tricks or slide down like C.A.B. did.  They even have a covered seating area which is really cool. The seating area adds a pop of color.  We stayed for about an hour and it wasn’t crowded, but we went early. C.A.B. is already asking when can we go back.