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Jump! Bounce! Flip! The Adventures of C.A.B. travels to the Flight Trampoline Park in Springfield located at 7200 Fullerton Rd in Springfield VA. This is a perfect place to beat the heat; let C.A.B. burn off energy and mom get a little exercise in as well. We went around 3:30 on a Thursday and it was not packed at all.  You have to fill out a waiver, but you can do that ahead of time to save a little time and you have to purchase socks, but if you have socks from another Jump place they will trade them out. Also, you will receive a colored wristband for your allotted hour and they will make an announcement when your time is up.  I purchased a Groupon for one hour for two Monday -Thursday for 19 dollars.

foam pit Flight Trampolinejump area Flight Trampolinedodfgeball area Flight Trampoline

Once inside it is divided into four jump areas: One big free for all, basketball courts, dodgeball area, and a small children area with foam blocks and jumping area. C.A.B. loved the basketball area and the dodge ball. We played a little one on one in basketball momma had to show him her skills or lack there of lol.  I didn’t go in the dodgeball area; I watched on the bench as he and a few kids got their play on.  They have benches throughout for the parents to sit or kids to take a break. He was having a ball. C.A.B. showed me he could do a backflip in the free jump area. He asked if I could do one; not in this lifetime. I must admit; I was having as much fun as he was and I know I would feel it later. We took a quick break to check out the arcade upstairs.  They had a few games including his favorite Subway Surfer that he just had to play; which I was cool with it gave me a minute to catch my breath I was tired. Our hour went by very quickly it seemed and we had such a good time; I purchased another Groupon for us to use in the near future on one of these 90 plus degree days we have been having. Flight Trampoline Park is a great way to burn energy and beat the heat.  We had a ball.