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Lights, rides, and funnel cake The Adventures of C.A.B. goes to Six Flags Holiday in the Park located at 13710 Central Avenue, Upper Marlboro MD. The holiday park hours are 2-9; please check the park’s website for days they are open. Six Flags is our go to spot for theme park rides and funnel cake; we have a season pass and go every chance we get. We were excited to see they were going to decorate the park for the Holidays. It is so pretty and festive with blowing fake snow. They even changed the names of the buildings to fit the Holiday theme (Naughty List Jail, Santa’s House, Blitzen’s Bites) as well as the shows (Winter Rock) . I know it is cold out, but they have heater lamps and fire pits so you can warm up as you enjoy the lights, rides, and entertainment. There are several areas set up for festive photo ops; we loved the Big Santa and Candy Cane backdrops. You can also go see Santa in Santa’s house.



Once we got into the park; time to ride the rides. Our first ride was the swings. They were so pretty all lit up. This was C.A.B’s first time on the big swings and mommy was a little nervous, but my little daredevil loved every moment of it. Next, it was the teacups; my type of ride. We had to try a rollercoaster; so that means that the Raging Cajun which is a combination of the teacups and a rollercoaster win win. Antique cars C.A.B. Drive mommy around while I relax. Relaxation is over; bumper cars and next to watch a show the Defenders of the North momma needs to relax for a minute before I get my funnel cake. It is time to get back to the rides.


20161127_19433820161127_175045Bumper cars

Six Flags Holiday in the Park is so much fun. C.A.B and I had so much fun! We have been three times since it opened and we will probably go back a few more times before the Holiday season is over.

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