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White alligators, sting rays, turtles, snakes, jellyfish, and sharks! The Adventures of C.A.B. goes to North Carolina Aquarium Fort Fisher.  The North Carolina Aquarium Fort Fisher is located at 900 Loggerhead Road Kure Beach NC right outside Wilmington NC.  We always see the signs for it on the way to Carolina Beach and today we decided to explore.  It was 10.95 for adults, 8.95 for kids 3 to 12, and 2 and under are free.  They also have a lorikeet exhibit for $3 and $1 for nectar to feed the birds.  The exhibits were amazing.

white Alligator

We got to see a white alligator and the sting rays looked as if they were smiling.  It was too cute.  There was an Eagle and turtles.  The jelly fish were gorgeous.  They have a big tank with all types of fish and we were able to catch a presentation with them being fed.  The lobster creeped me out C.A.B. said that is not how they look in the grocery store lol. My nephew saw Dory and was too excited. He said she found her family and there is Nemo.  C.A.B. saw a group of fish he called the grumpy old men. He got in the Hurricane Simulator which is a machine that simulates Hurricane force winds. He was just a giggling.

Sting Rayjelly fishDoryNemo

Next, it was time to visit the playground. C.A.B. and Ryan loved it they played out there for a least 30 minutes.  They made a few new friends and it gave mommy a chance to sit down and take a break. We walked the path and watched the birds and frogs in the pond. Last up, the Lorikeets; these birds are so pretty.  They don’t play when it comes to their nectar.  I bought a cup for C.A.B. and soon as we walked in they landed on him ready to eat. He was just a laughing. He thought it was the funniest thing.  He had about 3 on him; all he was worried about was them pooping on him.  I can’t believe it took us so long to go to the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher. You can’t go to The Aquarium and not stop at Kure Beach.

feeding fishPlayground
Kure Beach