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C.A.B. did you see that horse? There is another one over there!  The Adventures of C.AB. visit Assateague Island. I have wanted to take C.A.B. here for over a year; it is absolutely beautiful and only 2.5 hours from DC. Assateague Island is located at 11800 Marsh View Ln, Berlin, MD 21811. It was a nice drive not a lot traffic and pretty country scenery.  We first arrived at the Visitor Center; we  were too excited. We jumped out and went in to see how far to the horses lol!  It was set up so cute and cozy; there were rocking chairs to sit on the deck and telescope for you to look across the water.  There was also a big map full of information on the island for you to explore.  I walked into the Visitor Center which is also a gift shop and there was a park ranger ready to help me. He gave me a map and told me to drive over the bridge and  make the first right and you are there. I asked if we would see any horses and he assured me I would. We didn’t have to wait long as soon as we went over the bridge there was a horse grazing. C.A.B. and I were too excited. Once you make the right and drive a little bit; there is a booth where you pay for admittance to the park.  Admittance was 20 dollars and lasts about two weeks which is a great deal because Assateague Island is perfect for a day trip. We are thinking about going back next week as a last back to school trip.  I got another map from the Ranger at the admittance booth; this one was more detail the first one was a quick and dirty that laid all eight areas of Island out for you to explore. 

 Assateague Island

Now it is time to explore and enjoy the beach and horses.  The island is divided into two sides ; the right is the Marsh and to the left is the ocean.  We started at the Marsh Bayside number 5 on the map and that is where we saw the majority of the horses; there are plenty of areas to pull to the side of the road once you spot a horse or group of horses to get a better view and take pictures.  We pulled off to the first section of the Marsh and to our surprise there were horses right there just grazing and chilling. Also, to our surprise there was an area to kayak,  canoe, bicycle, clamming, and picnic. They have rental stations available to rent bicycles or canoes.  We got out to check a pretty paint horse and by the time we walked back to the truck it was one right in front of it just eating. 

 horse Assateauge Island

There is a U.S. Life-Saving Service museum located at Shipwreck History Number 6 on the map for the Life savers who were the first Coast Guard in the Boat House.  They have a tour guide explaining the history and the artifacts located in the museum as well as short film playing in the back with a little seating area. C.A.B.  was really into the tour. She explained that they used zip lines to save people from wrecks and there was a little harpoon like tool that shot the zipline across. She told how it was its own little community; the life savers brought their families to the island to live as well and all supplies were brought in by boat.

 U.S. Life-Saving Service museum U.S. Life-Saving Service museum U.S. Life-Saving Service museum

We have explored now it is time to check out the beach number 4 on the map North Ocean Bean.  The Beach has ample parking and picnic tables.  The kids were so excited to get on the beach.  The weather was perfect not too hot just right and not crowded.  The water temperature was perfect.  We were able to get a perfect spot for C.A.B. to make sandcastles.  One of my favorite things is collecting seashells and they had no shortage of big pretty ones for me to add to my collection.  C.A.B. loves the water and keep saying today is the best.  Further down on the ocean side number 8  is South Ocean Beach and they have an area where vehicles can drive out on the sand and explore the dunes trail and fishing.  There were numerous areas to picnic at; which I was glad because we packed lunch for our outing and it was the perfect way to end our trip. The park rangers were also having a scavenger hunt as we finished eating.

beach Assateague Island


Assateague Island is a perfect day trip from DC; C.A.B. kept saying best trip ever. He slept the whole way back. We will be back next summer. It is close to Dc and has so many things to do that you will not be disappointed.