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The SW WharfIs that a boardwalk, a water taxi, are those swings? The Adventures of C.A.B. checks out the reopening of the Wharf located at 600 Water St SW. This event is so big it is not happening for a day, but the whole weekend October 12th to the 15. We have been watching the transformations take place and since C.A.B. loves all things construction and trucks; we often go down and check out the progress.  Today OMG!! I could not believe this was it!  I even watched the sneak preview on Fox Five news and it looked like they had a long way to go and that was Wednesday, but the next day here we are at the grand opening and it is all together. We started at the beginning; the Wharf sign and immediately went to the boardwalk.  They have little rocking horses for the little kiddies and they had cushioned bench and swings for the rest of us. I had to go check them out; I could have set and rocked for hours, but C.A.B. wanted to check out the gigantic firepit which was perfect because the weather was a little nippy by the water. They also had paddle boats open for all those that wanted to take a try.


Boat House SW Wharf

Swings SW Wharf

Paddle Boat SW WharfFire Pit SW Wharf

C.A.B wanted a little snack and what do we see Ben and Jerry’s; I must warn you it was a little pricey over six dollars for a small cup of ice cream, but hey it is the grand opening.   The store itself wasn’t open ; they had a stand out front where you could purchase icecream.  The one thing I have to mention is that all of the restaurants aren’t open; there were signs saying they many will open later in the month. We continued to check out the wharf and saw a plaque in the ground that spoke about Thurgood Marshall and his accomplishments. Thurgood Marshall lived near the wharf. We saw all the new stores that will be opening up on our way to the Water Taxi.  I just wanted to check out the pricing of the Water Taxi, but the guy in the booth said come on check it out it is free today. Did you say free? That did it for us; we jumped on to enjoy a ride across the water to Old Town Alexandria. C.A.B. got to see the planes take off and land as well as this guy shoot up on the water. The Water Taxi is really nice you can stay outside or go inside and enjoy the view away from the elements. They also have refreshments for purchase. The Water Taxi lets you off in front of the Chart House in Old Town Alexandria after about 15 minutes we were back on our way to the Wharf.

Water Taxi SW Wharf

Thurgood Marshall Plaque SW Wharf

Water Taxi

When we arrived back to the Wharf we were surprised; it was jammed packed. We had it all to ourselves when we left. The Bacon Brothers concert had started and we got to enjoy it from the Water Taxi and have a great view while we waited to disembark.  The Foo Fighters were also having a concert at Anthem so the line there was just forming.  We had to stop off and get another snack; this time we tried a Sugar cookie with Sprinkles it was so good. There were jugglers and a singer performing on the boardwalk and fireworks were scheduled to go off at sunset. We couldn’t go to the new Wharf without checking out the fish market and getting crab legs; this section has remained untouched.  We enjoyed the Wharf so much we are thinking about going back on Sunday to enjoy the finale day of the grand opening.

 Anthem SW Wharf