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Vroom! Vroom! Did you see that?  Ma! He did a wheelie! C.A.B. did you see how high Max D is in the air? The Adventures of C.A.B. goes to the Triple Threat Monster Jam Series at the Capital One Arena.  C.A.B loves Monster Jam; he watches it on TV and we go every year. This year I surprised C.A.B.; he had no idea we were going until we got to Capital One Arena. He was so excited; quiet as kept so was I! He kept saying really mom!  Once we got in and found our seats; he was pumped.  We were rows away from the action.  Monster Truck is a really cool, action packed event with teams of Monster trucks competing in 7 events.  There aren’t just competing using monster trucks but, go speedsters, and atvs for a win. The winner is determined by who has the best scores at the end of the 7 events.  I just want to  warn you it is a loud event and there may be dirt (dust) flying; C.A.B. had wheel earphones we bought last year.  I needed a pair because my ears were ringing.   The trucks that were competing Grave Digger, El Toro Loco, Monster Mutt (Rottweiler), Blue Thunder, Wonder Women, Megalodon, Max D, and Zombie. Max D who is C.A.B.’s favorite was pitted right next to where we were sitting!

Monster Jam

Grave Digger won the two wheel challenge. Megalodon had to be towed away.  Next, was the ATV four lap challenge; this was done in two heats.  Max D won the first challenge and El Toro Loco the second and then they had to face off against one another and El Toro Loco won.  Wonder Women stole the donut competition; I even jumped to my feet. She just kept spinning round and round. Max D won the speedster obstacle course while Blue Thunder and El Toro Loco flipped over and had to be towed off the track.  The last event was the freestyle competition and Megalodon won with Grave Digger coming in second.  The crowd was able to participate in voting using their phones.  The overall winner of Monster Jam was Max D.

El Toro Loco


C.A.B. and  I had a ball, but what wasn`t there to love trucks, dirt, and mini construction vehicles.  The mini construction vehicles were used to tow vehicles and put more dirt on the track. C.A.B. was over the moon and his favorite truck one. He kept saying best birthday ever.