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Strike!! Momma I hit the center! The Adventures of C.A.B have a ball at the MLB Play Ball Park at The Yards at the Capitol Riverfront in SW located at the intersection of First and M Streets.  Play Ball Park measures at a whooping 145,000 square feet and will be open until Tuesday. The activities include a youth sized turf diamond, corn hole, batting tunnels, pitching inflatables, Stickball Alley, games, food trucks, food demos.  C.A.B. was able to play on the youth size diamond.  Once you register; you received a t-shirt and a time to play.  Once you complete all the field activities you receive a ball and bat. Old Dominion had a tractor trailer filled with baseballs which C.A.B. loved.  They also had a big corn hole that you tossed pillows in and the after the pillow went in you got to pick a prize.  C.A.B. picked a cool pair of sunglasses and I got a shopping bag.  C.A.B. played Jenga and won; I didn’t even know he knew how to play.
Open Play included the batting tunnels, pitching inflatables, and  Stickball Alley. You have to fill out a waiver to play and then the fun begins.  Coca Cola provided free samples of sodas and gave away chips. Nathan hot dogs were also giving away samples, Kingsford Charcoal was grilling and had a nice set up with lawn chairs to take a break and sample the treats.  They even gave away free tickets to FanFest which was an added bonus. There were also food trucks out to eat at and I had to partake in the Lobster truck as well as Goodies ice cream truck.  Needless to say, we enjoyed ourselves to the point that C.A.B. went hi omega and took a two hour nap woke up and asked if we could go back again.