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Trucks, games, helicopters, segways, moon bounces, and entertainment; the Adventures of C.A.B. goes to the 11th Annual Touch A Truck DC at RFK Stadium. This is  one of C.A.B.’s most anticipated events. It is broken into three areas: trucks, games, and entertainment.  We headed straight to the truck section. He loves trucks and more trucks.  This year we went early because it was gonna be a scorcher, they provided bottles of cold water throughout the event to help us cool off.  This year it wasn’t as big as it had been in the past. It was not super crowded; there were enough trucks and activities available that there was not a wait to see or do anything. The first thing that caught his attention were the painted garbage trucks they were works of art. C.A.B. got to get on the back of the garbage truck and press the levers. Kids got to climb inside a helicopter, military Humvee, and emergency vehicles. His favorite truck was “Big Daddy” a huge tow truck.  It had a poster board of some of the jobs it had done.  The driver was great! He went through each picture and explained what happened. C.A.B. got to blow the air horn; no matter what truck we looked at we always made it back to Big Daddy.

The second area in the back focused on games; they had everything from basketball, soccer, putt putt, T ball, bikes, scooters, and tennis.  C.A.B. played basketball; where he played a game to see how many baskets he could make from various spots in a certain time.  He made about 5 shots. Then it was off to the segways; C.A.B. had ridden a segway last year at Touch A Truck,  He looks forward to riding one every year. There was a quick tutorial and after that he was riding by himself. He was so excited; he asked me to take a video. He enjoyed it so much he rode it again.

The last area we explored was the entertainment; they had a moon bounce, coloring craft  stations, and a an open area for the kids to dance right in front of the stage with a dj spinning. He had a ball and cooled himself off with numerous snow cones and popcorn . When we left; he so tired he fell asleep in the car and continued to talk about it for the rest of the week. Touch Truck DC is normally in June every year and C.A.B. is already talking about can’t wait to next year.