Mommy time! Mommy goes on a girls trip to Aruba to celebrate the end of the school year! I know! I know! Aruba is a beautiful island to recharge the batteries! All I want to do to lay on the beach and relax!  This adventure is all about mommy, but don’t worry C.A.B. Is having his own adventure this week with his grandparents.  Aruba is an island located in the Caribbean that is .  The license  plates read One Happy Island that is my type of place.  We stayed at the Marriott Stellaris Resort and Casino; this is a beautiful hotel with tons of activities and a beautiful beach.  We laid on the beach under our private papilla and relaxed. You can reserve one for $30 a day or do like we did; luck up on an unreserved one and enjoy.  They have floats for 5 dollars a day which are a must and if the beach isn’t your thing there are tons of pools and even a lazy river to lounge in. The pool had a live band for happy hour that we enjoyed while laying on the beach and also virgin strawberry and pina colada drink called Miami Vice was just what the doctor ordered.  One thing to be weary of is the sun; it was not joke.  I applied sunscreen and still burned thank goodness for calamine lotion and aloe did the trick to smooth the itch; next time note to self reapply sunscreen every so often. Iguanas and small lizards are everywhere exploring the resort; don’t be alarmed. People were feeding them throughout the day and they were laid up on the waterfall enjoying the water and breeze.
Stellaris Casino
We were able to walk to restaurants and shops. They have everything you can imagine for great prices! I had to have an Après and found a little place that made them fresh to order; so good!  We had a great breakfast LA petite and it gave you a sample of everything for $12 omelet, sausage, bacon, pancakes, home fries, toast, and juice. Our absolute favorite place to eat was the Pelican Nest located on a  pier behind the Holiday Inn.  The food was phenomenal and they catch it fresh everyday, but the only thing that could upstage the food was the sunset. It was spectacular! The hostess called it our personal show and she wasn’t kidding.  It was breath taking and then the fish performed their own show in the ocean while we ate.  I can’t forget about dessert; McDonald’s dollar cones were right on time.  They have every shop from Aloe to Louis Vuitton without tax. I had to pick a little something up from Pandora and to end the evening;  we also walked through the casino and played a slot machine but didn’t win awh shucks lol.
The perfect way to cap off the trip was a massage at the Mandara Spa located in the hotel.  I had the massage Aruba for 50 min with aromatherapy that soothed the skin!  It was absolutely perfect!  They even had a $30 coupon which made it even more irresistible!  This vacation was just what I needed and now I am ready for summer and all of C.A.B.’s and I countless adventures!