Living Social Paint and Sip

Momma had another play date…who hoo! This time the girls and I ventured to Living Social’s Downtown DC location on 918 F Street to take a paint and sip class for my cousin’s birthday. If you’ve never heard of Living Social or thought it was just for deals and bargains you are sadly mistaken.  Living Social is a place where they team up with talented local professionals to host original Living Social experiences like unique cooking classes, painting & wine, live music, and so much more. 

 The name says it all; you get to paint and sip. This was totally out of my norm because I don’t drink and I can’t draw not one bit. When I walked into the Living Social building I was relieved by the nice decor and welcoming atmosphere. I always wanted to try one of their activities; the description and pictures look so fun. Living Social offers a wide range of classes and show performances at reasonable prices.
Ok! We get to the class and everyone is so friendly; I guess alcohol will do that to you. Lol! I am joking this is before any of that started. You are given your choice of wine red or white –I had water! We were given blank canvases, smocks, paint, and brushes. I thought it was a free hand class that you create whatever you felt at the time,but it is actually an instruction led class. We were suppose to create a bird on a pine tree limb with cones and snow immediately was intimidated; I can’t draw a stick person. I need color by numbers. Lol! The instructor was able to talk me and the class through the whole process. I am actually pretty proud of my painting; see below. I have it displayed in my foyer. The class was so much fun; we laughed the entire two hours.


I can’t wait to try another class! We all had a ball!


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