Road To Essence Festival

Parents it is summertime and this is the time for free concerts! Yes, Free! Today’s Parent Time is Roads to Essence Festival Concert featuring  Marsha Ambrosius, Avery Sunshine, Wayna, Vashawn Mitchell, and Raheem DaVaughn to name a few. The show was in the parking lot of the Walmart in Laurel, Maryland from noon to 6pm. I know  the parking lot; hey I was a little thrown off as well, but when I got there it was a nice big area and to my surprise not crowded at all. I was expecting it to be packed and standing room only, but it wasn’t. They were giving away shopping bags, Colgate total, free cds of the artists performing at the Essence Festival 4th of July weekend in New Orleans.  The performers did an excellent job; they performed three to four songs. I was rocking  to Raheem DaVaughn; that man can put on a show and Marsha Ambrosius voice is heavenly. 

 Road To Essence


They had the back of the parking lot set up with different tents. One tent  displayed different outfits from Walmart as well as a fashion show; to see what the outfits look like on people vs a mannequin. They had a meet and greet table where you could take pictures with the artists that performed.  I know this is Parent Time, but if I had brought C.A.B. along; they had plenty for him to do as well. They had face painting, football cut out; that you threw the ball through, and free chips for the kids and me. I enjoyed a bag or two myself.  Walmart even had the grills fired up selling food from hot dogs to jerk chicken. My cousin Tonya said the jerk chicken was on point.


Summer is here and a free concert is definitely a great way to spend the day!  I surely enjoyed mine!

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