The Color Run

One of the things on my personal To Do List has always been to run a 5K.  Today’s Parent Time activity is The Color Run also known as Run or Dye.  Run or Dye is a 5K run where dye is thrown at you from one of the many color stations. The run is about $40 dollars but you can always find a Groupon for about $24.



We had so much fun that it took my mind off the actual run.  I did the run as a member of the Glam Squad with my girlfriends.  You can tell by the pictures below  that we had a ball.  I did not know what to expect so I thought am I crazy to pay someone to run 3.1 miles and then let them throw dye at me?  The run was held at RFK Stadium in DC and it was filled with people from every age group and walks of life.  You aren’t required to run but you are required to have fun.  They had a dj spinning the tunes pumping the crowd up.  They also gave us a bag full of goodies including a band for your wrist, T shirt, gym coupons, tattoos and dye to throw. 


People were throwing dye at each other before the run started to get in the mood. They were selling T shirts and tutus. One thing to remember is to wear sunglasses or googles so the dye won’t get in your eyes because once it starts flying it goes everywhere. The dye is made of cornstarch so very easy to get off; you just shower with shampoo. Once we started running the fun began;  people were cheering and hi-fiving. My girlfriends and others were rolling through the dye on the ground at the different color stations. The dye was so thick at some of the stations you couldn’t see when you were running through it.  It felt good to complete the run and I had a ball doing it.  I was covered from head to toe in dye.  The next thing is the Diva Dash Race in August; wish me luck. 


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